Rubina Khan

Rubina KhanRubina Khan has been an integral part of the Platinum Properties Group team since 2003. She is a Senior Investment Executive and holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from USIU, California. Rubina uses her technical knowledge of investment planning as well as her experience and expertise in real estate to assist an exclusive group of clients invest in real estate.

In her 29-year career, she has worked with one of the biggest Merchant Banks in East Africa as an Assistant Manager. She later joined Richardson Greenshields as an Investment Advisor where she worked exclusively with entrepreneurs, advising them on investment strategies and financial planning. Rubina commenced her own real estate portfolio in 1985 and after immigrating to Vancouver in 1992 she continued to invest in real estate in BC.

Rubina derives great fulfillment from assisting her clients plan for a secure and comfortable retirement. “I consider my clients as friends so I become very concerned about their well being. When I am able to work closely with them to build a portfolio that helps them obtain long-term financial freedom, it gives me immense satisfaction.”

Rubina is as passionate about her three children as she is about her work and makes it a priority to spend time with them. She also takes time to continue to grow and develop on a personal and professional level by attending seminars and supporting women’s causes. She is a voracious reader with an interest in topics ranging from the economy to self-improvement and spirituality.

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